How to delete negative item from credit report?

I have two negative items in my report that was reported 4 years back.. One negative item is due to wrong billing of a phone company. I disputed this charge; however they did not accepted it.

The other is the apartment owner; they charged very unreasonable amount when I moved out after the lease expiry. They charged hefty amount for carpet replacement and other cleaning charges. I paid the reasonable cleaning fee and disputed the other charges.

Both went to collection agency. However, these the charges were disputed by me in letter to respective collection agencies. This happened before 4 years before. After that, nothing has happened and I ignored it. These two negative entries still remain in my credit report. Now I am having tough time in mortgage loan as my score is 660 only. Now I want to delete these two negative items from my report. What should I do? I am even considering paying the disputed amount (though it was not at my fault). What is the quick and easy way to delete these negative items and get the score improved? How long it will take to fix these and to reflect the improved score in my credit report?

During the summer we completed the purchase of a new home. Our existing home which is in move in condition in a great area and being marketed at a competitive price has failed to sell because of the time of year and for no other reason. We are now committed to buy the other home however the sub prime mortgage market has collapsed in the meantime meaning that raising the bridging finance is proving next to impossible. We have 3 weeks to raise 150,000 pounds (I am in the UK). Our IFA is working hard to find a suitable mortgage product but the changing market conditions are making this very hard. We have no rich relatives. The issue is mostly that we were going to borrow on the 200K+ equity on our existing home self cert to do the bridge but the loan to value available has been dropped dramatically as lenders play safe, leaving us stuck with a problem in the meantime. Help! What is the quickest way to raise this money?
Can I just emphasise that I am in the UK, so need a loan in sterling. Also anyone who replies offering finance but without a phone number and website and some means of verifying themselves will be ignored.

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