How should I go about starting my home retail (collectibles: trading cards) business?

I’m only going to have around $ 1000 to try and get some kind of ball rolling. I was thinking about buying a couple cases of Magic: The Gathering trading card booster packs and selling them in an ebay store or something for a bit less than the suggested retail price. How can I expect to make any money, though, if others are selling the exact same for even LESS than I BOUGHT the packs for? How long should I expect it to take to sell ~500 booster packs at ~$ 3.79 a piece in an ebay store or other business medium? I really don’t have too much of an idea as to what I’m doing or what I should do.

My friend and I are each putting in around $ 500. I know its possible to expand our initial investment over who knows how long and by selling who knows what. What I’d really like to know is how to go about doing this whole thing. I’m trying to find out what I should do to minimize the time it would take to make any profit, having only $ 1000 to start.

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