How realistic is it to obtain funding as necessary, if your parents make 70k a year?

This is not a personal issue – just to know how all this was not toimib.Nad hüpoteegigaNr auto loans, but .. . Nothing is over 20K a year toitlustamine.Ei säästa.Kool not need loans for housing and support tahes.Lihtsalt request – really – how you have to land for poor toetusi.Jällegi – laenud.Laenud is not only the things that you in the world – provides the information I’m after.
I am a social worker major, and although I am very interested in this field, I’m not naive. I know there’s not much money in this area, particularly welcome to a lot of work and job stress. However, I was hoping it would help alleviate some of the juvenile legal financial obligations, which I do not expect (to repay student loans, mortgages, insurance, savings, etc.) I thought the minister Minori Finance. I know the world of business is usually very profitable, if ever I decide to take a break from social work, or try something else. What kind of job can you expect to get with a minor in finance? Did you receive the MBA concentration in only a small business? What would you like a small, if not one of the cases, which could coincide with my major, is a profitable business? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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