How much should a mortgage insurance premiums in a refinancing. Is a site that offers free advice?

Im in the process of refinancing my home. I received my good faith estimate. I do not understand what some of these allegations. Some of the charges were explained to me by the loan officer, but I’m not sure that its truth or sale. I want to make sure I was not too much for a price. In my truth and reporting leanding. Gasoline tax of 1% of the 362 000 home loan 30 years at 6.5% of 3537.12. I also calculate a loan of $ 0.837 discount for 3035.12. My big question, the mortgage insurance premium is for $ 8844.38 (UFMIP / FF funded). Do you avoid what I do when I’m going to pay monthly mortgage insurance 146.66 hours. Where can I get free advice, to make sure I’m not getting screwed? Please help.

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