How much mortgage can I expect?

Ok So me and my girlfriend are planning to buy your house for 6 years. I was wondering if anyone here could give us a clue what we could get approved for a mortgage. We are looking for a semi-serious and just take a number in mind, without having to go out and fill in all the papers and whatnot. He is currently working to make the doctor’s office about 35,000 a year and I am currently making about 54,000 police officers working for about 2 years, however, I am full treatment, which has 85,000 base salary, plus we get the details, which he knocks another 5000th But from the moment of our salaries would be the total area of ​​90,000. Just curious, what are we likely to be approved for the first time owners and so on. Even now, we’re both 24 years old and just now the only “bills” we have a car payment and insurance, which may be equal, I would say 500 euros per month each. Thank you for all inputs.

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