How much is this lawsuit worth?

OK, I am only looking for a rough estimated range… I know it is very difficult to value a lawsuit cause they’re like fingerprints and everyone is different in so many ways but any opinions will help.


My mother was walking down the sidewalk and the sidewalk was deformed and uneven and she caught her right foot on the uneven piece of sidewalk and fell on her left leg completely breaking her tibia and fibia and needing emergency surgery the next day now she has a permanent rod and 4 screws in her leg.

Her lawyer is suing the condominium insurance company and they’ve already admitted the sidewalks were not up to code, and he is suing New York City cause their tree and it’s roots caused the uneven sidewalk. She has permanent damage and has pain from it constantly

Roughly how much can she expect to get either settling outside of court or after a trial… Thank you.

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