How much interest am i paying ?

Hi Everyone. My house cost $ 100,000, paid it for 5 years I owe $ 91,000 and am current with payments. But problems are coming soon, my husband’s unemployment runs out and he may lose part of his foot due to diabetes + bone infection. I am qualified for H.A.R.P. refinance, I confirmed this with a counselor.
My monthly payments are $ 956.00 @ 30 yr fixed interest of 7.2%.
$ 230 is toward ins., $ 41, tax $ 117 and Low down payment fee $ 73.00.
So monthly balance is approx. $ 725 toward principal and interest.
It is confirmed I do qualify for lower interest rate and I am contacting my lender tomorrow.
What I would like to know, can someone please give me an idea (about/estimated)
how much my payments would be lets say I get a 6 % or 5% or 4% interest rate. ??
I am not good with this interest stuff and cant determine what is interest and what part is actual payment toward my home.
Also, is a Low Down Payment Fee same as PMI ? If not, then what is it I am paying $ 71 a month for ?
Will I have to pay the Low Down Payment Fee for the life of the loan ? I did give down payment of what was required at the time of purchase $ 5,000- but I can’t think what this is I am paying $ 900 a year for
*when I purchased my home, at the time I knew it but 5 years later I can’t recall.

Thank you for your replies, it just confusing for me, I appreciate it. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

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