how much flood insurance do i really need?

my whole property is in the AE flood zone, the flood elev. level is 329′, the property sits at 327′ but the top of the bottom floor sits at 329.8′. my mortgage was sold to a new co. and they are making me increase flood coverage and the coverage they are wanting me to increase to will make my payment around $ 1600 a year rather than $ 900 and thats a big difference for my house payment now. is there any way to get FEMA to take my house out of the flood zone or something? what should i try doing to get my rate down?
i am not asking for my house to be moved… if you know anything about whats going on you would know that i mean remove my house from the flood zone map. the house is almost a foot above the flood elevation zone. so i dont see the need to pay the premium of a house that is totally in the flood zone.

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