how much do u think we can get on a home loan?

my family wants to buy a home becuz we are sick of renting cuz our manager doesnt do s**t for our house. the house we want to get costs 390,000 dollars and the down payment for it is 78,000. my parents make about 51,000 dollars a year. my moms credit isnt really bad but its not perfect. she has a couple bills to pay off but thats it. me and my sister r going to get jobs so we can help pay the mortgage and other bills for the home! i just want to noe how much u think we can get for the home cuz we already found a mortgage company that we are going to ask for a loan! and we have someone with good crdit who will cosign on the home for us! i just need 2 noe how much we can possibly get for a loan!

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