How much do I pay for 30 or 40 yr mortgage?

I wanna buy a condo that’s about $ 640,000.. I wanna put down 10% because that’s how much they are asking for. If I put down $ 64,000 and I make $ 30,000 (i’ll then make about $ 35,000 by June) how much would a 30 yr loan be and how much would a 40 yr loan be?
Ok it seems like a lot of ppl would rather give their opininos rather than answer the Q… i didn’t ask for your opinion.. i asked for an answer and it seems like I also forgot to mention that just because i make 30 grand, it doesn’t mean i’m paying it… my uncle is in real estate and he’s getting me a home and he’s paying it all, but i would like to know how much i would have to pay im back every month

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