How much do I need to pay on my mortgage?

Here’s what’s going on: We purchased a single family home in 11/07 at a 6.5% interest rate for 30 years (conventional loan.) It was our 1st time purchasing-we just went thru the motions. Anyhow, I have wanted to refi for a lower rate and term, but we have a little negative equity and lenders will only lend 90% with PMI. That’s quite a bit of money for us to fork out (not including the thousands of dollars to actually refi), so I say forget the refi & figure out what I need to pay each month to pay this loan off in 15 years. Pretty much there are 2 equations I’d like to know-

1) How much do I need to pay each month to pay my loan off in 180 payments/months?

2) How much do I need to pay each month to pay off my loan in 160 payments/months?

Let’s presume I’m paying the 1st of every month. I know that interest rate will change my p/o greatly if I vary from the 1st of the month plan-no plans to do that.

I am just looking for the most accurate estimate I can get, so please ask me any questions if I am missing information, I will happily update my question and you can update your answer.

Assuming homeowner’s insurance does not change-$ 1178/yr
Assuming taxes do not change-$ 678/yr
Current loan balance $ 113,500

Here’s a copy of my mortgage site based on a $ 1250(ish) payment I made this month:

Your payment is comprised of the
following amounts:
Principal and Interest $ 758.48
County Tax: $ 56.57
PMI Escrow: $ 41.41
Hazard Escrow: $ 98.17
Overage/Shortage: $ 38.02

3) What’s Hazard Escrow????? Geez.
Lauren, you are an asset to Y! Answers! Thanks for your time & information!

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