How much did you pay your mortgage? How do you have to pre-approved?

I know it’s a personal question, but it seems like something that might be useful. I hear lots of “how can I get such and such conditions”, and generally people mortgage calculator to get a point. They are useful, but share the same statistics that I have some serious advice on different I could leisten.Ich on different machines will be set up a meeting for pre-approved in the near future, and I know I’ll have a better idea of where I stand. However, I don have not seen questions about how much you get for pre-approved, cons how does it really happened. Is it generally true that you can afford, what helped you, please go to the most important issue. I was hoping all this theoretical Bologna and reach the real meat of the subject. I wanted to get answers from people in real situations, fill out what you can. Thanks! 1) How much pre- approved (amount, interest rate, period) have? 2) How did you use the loan? 3) How to have a lot of you in the front as a down payment? 4) What are your monthly repayments (and taxes / insurance)? 5) What is the gross annual income of your household is? 6) What do you think mortgage payments compare your income (you live above / below your means? Do Do you need money, or think you think you could have ordered a more expensive house, or is it just the right?)? 7) Please feel free to add something about your situation that you feel gives the discussion, I also know all of this is personal information, I hope we can keep them all respectfully (no knock on people, the mortgage is too high during the boom or something thing was a total lack of respect). Please reply with information as much or as little as you want. I just wanted to see if I could get some concrete examples to give, how it works now all of us people who think and have difficulty in obtaining evidence and how fast the system funktioniert.Vielen Thanks in advance for everyone to participate!

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