How much damage are we liabile for after an apartment fire?

My wife and myself recently had a small apartment fire. The fire itself caused very little damage, some scorch marks on the ceiling that come right off. The sprinkler system and the firemen, on the other hand, caused quite a bit of damage: they tore a huge swath of carpeting up to help pool the water, sawed part of our sliding door frame out to make an outlet for the water off the balcony, knocked our toilet out to make a drain. a great deal of our things are ruined.

we dont have renters insurance, but we can eat the damages to our personal property. however, our landlord is telling us that they dont have any insurance either, and that were responsible for all damages done by the fire, the firemen, the sprinkler system, and other misc charges, such as the alarm system guy and elevator technician coming out.

im trying to get in touch with a tenant’s union here in seattle, but since theyre volunteer run organizations theyre slow to respond. does the landlord’s story sound strange
does the landlord’s story sound strange to anyone else? i did sign a regular contract when we moved in, saying we were responsible for damages to the apartment, but we simply dont have the money to pay for the (probably massive) bills that I know the landlord will try to saddle us with. Thanks in advance!

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