How many pet birds are you allowed to have in your home in North Vancouver?

We have 5 loving and very cheeky birds and a beautiful Persian Cat. No children. Own home, large fenced yard, reg Avian visits, fresh fruit/veges, water, Abba seed, treats, large cages, tons of toys etc.

Our 2 budgies and 2 lovebirds have 8 hours a day out of their cages to fly about and play on their playstand or hang about and play in our Blue & Gold Macaw’s cage while he’s in the lounge or with me while I’m working on the computer. We also have a beautiful Persian cat. Our smaller birds have the large bright room to themselves during the day. Our B&G is free to roam as he pleases; (kiddie locks everywhere, and he’s potty trained). He has a large playstand in the lounge but he prefers to sit on me, the back of the computer chair or the sofa! He does have a large cage in the birds room but we never close it. Recently we heard from a sales woman in Petcetera that she believes there is a limit of 4 birds allowed within the city limits. She herself has 5 birds. Can someone help?

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