How long should it take to refinance to an FHA loan with Wells Fargo?

We applied for an FHA loan in the beginning of April 2009. We were approved, got our rate locked in, brought necessary paperwork and signed all the documents. This all took about two days from beginning of conversation to signing. Our loan officer told us it would take anywhere from 60 to 90 days to close and that no news is good news. It is now July 10th 2009 and we still have not gotten an appraisal. We’ve been told so many different things. (The appraiser will call you within a couple days, etc) My last conversation took place today and I was told by a different loan officer that our case is in the third stage which is to get approval for the loan from FHA. I thought we had been approved when we signed the paperwork over three months ago! Does anyone have any comments or experiences refinancing from a private bank to an FHA loan. How long did it take? Is getting the runaround so to speak normal? Thank you
I called many banks and we were quoted many rates in the fives, but Wells Fargo told us that if we went FHA, they could lock us in at 4.25. We thought that sounded great, so we proceeded. We did receive the HUD statement from FHA/Wells Fargo with the 4.25 locked in, I just wonder if it’s taking this long with other banks who are doing FHA loans.

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