How long does it usually take to see credit improvements w/ debt consolidations?

Hi!! I’m considering consolidating my debt through my bank and I’m still unsure if this is the route I should take. I don’t have any open credit cards, so I will be paying off debt for things in the past that are obviously hurting me now.

How long should it take for my credit score to improve with a debt consolidation? Is this even a good idea? Will this look bad on my credit in the future? Can school loans be included w/ a debt consolidation?

Any advice is appreciated, but please use words I can understand b/c I’m really bad when it comes to finance terminology 🙂

All of my debt is from 5 years ago or so when I was 20. I didn’t know what I was doing when I was making mistakes. I couldn’t imagine that paying off my debt would worsen my credit. Somebody please explain how that works!
btw..I’m now 25

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