How long does it take to re-finance loans in full?

A mortgage company reverse gave me a foreclosure notice and I have two weeks to pay a loan of 120 000 estimated value of my property 635 000. My credit score from Equifax is to buy the 659th title of the house is a living trust, that my grandfather took me as executor of the left. I need an updated assessment. I want a loan refinancing 180,000 to repay the reverse mortgage and have some extra money for the cost. Please let me know what I do in this Delem?
Okay, my girlfriend in a 30-year fixed mortgage. A month ago, one of her good aunt died suddenly and now we’ve just found that four of their four nephews and nieces to a considerable amount of money left. My girlfriends share (about $ 500,000) is sufficient to pay the mortgage at home and they had to pay any interest for some time in the past expressed. My question is, as it is in a fixed rate mortgage, the bank will allow it, it’s worth it when she goes there soon? Thank you for the reply. Subprime saga

John Coffman with his daughter Lindsay in the courtyard of the house she once again promised during the boom in subprime. Now they try to get back on track with the loan, but the fear of the house must be sold.

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