How long does insurance company pay after you make a claim?

I have known a home insurance from a reputable insurance company and good. I returned to my apartment one day last week to find broken up around the castle, so I. Immediately called the police and they came and opened the door and went to check the apartment was empty and the burglar was not still there Then I filled in the forms of police and they looked for fingerprints and took photos of the condition of the home (things came out of the closet and scattered on the floor and empty jewelry boxes, etc.) and I made a list of things that they stole had been. I called my insurance company and then again, and told them that there was a break in and they said they would call a locksmith and send it to the lock broken and I had the bill eux.J I originally planned by my insurance the insurance agent of my family (for they worked almost 16 years) to receive, so I called the middle of the day and explained that I would need to fill out a form and send some documents, and it is the claim with the insurance . treat I filled out the form and send the documents by e-mail about the journée.Je wonder how long it is likely to take for the insurance to pay? My concern is not very high and the list of stolen items I sent the agent is the same as the list of police with me on the shapes they have connected. I lived in my apartment for 2 years, made all my insurance payments and I never had a claim before.

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