How long does a USDA mortgage loan take to go through typically?

We are selling a house and the buyer (and the house) was approved for a USDA mortgage. We were intitially told by the lender (I recommended this lender to the buyer and have worked with him in the past) that it could take up to 45 days since the company he worked for was going through a merger.

It has now been longer than that. The lender originally told us that the loan had been processed by them and their underwriters and had been sent off to USDA last week. I spoke to them this past Monday and they said they had to wait on the termite report and water tests from us (which we faxed them on Friday), but that it would be overnighted to USDA on Monday (receiving it Tuesday). Then, yesterday (Thursday) they said that they had everything in order and were sending it to USDA.

I think at this point the lender knows we are upset at how long it is taking!

Anyway, once USDA finally receives it, how long should it take to process by them??? The lender told us 5-7 business days, but since it appears they haven’t been honest about when it was sent to USDA to begin with, I think they may be just throwing out an answer.

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