How long does a mortgage company have to file a deed on a property? Part 2?

We are in Adair county Missouri and it has been 2+ years since a new mortgage company bought out our mortgage and still no change on the deed. We are struggling to pay the payment, but they refuse to work with us on lowering it since my husband is unemployed at the moment and they don’t consider unemployment income, but they will take every dime of it every month for the payment. My husband read somewhere online where a mortgage company hadn’t filed the proper paperwork after purchasing a mortgage and didn’t have the original paperwork for the loan and the woman was able to file bankruptcy against her house. She kept the house and the bank got nothing for it since their paperwork wasn’t in order. Is this possible?
I don’t believe everything that I read online because most of it is not true, but my husband wanted to believe that it was possible to file bankruptcy on the house and keep it. I told him I would ask on here and get us some answers from people who would know. Thank you everyone who answered for helping to clear up this matter. We really appreciate it.

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