How likely is it to file foreclosure when 2nd mortgage is late but 1st is current?

This is in CA, both 1st and 2nd are with same lender, loans taken out at same time when purchasing the home (80% 1st, 10% 2nd, 10% cash down). Paying both first and second on time up until 2 months ago can no longer afford the 2nd. Should I stop paying my 1st if it’s likely it’ll just go straight to foreclosure? I think that would be a dumb move on the part of the bank, I pay them $ 5100 interest only on the first they’d lose income on and the home is worth much much less than the mortgage balances currently (so I can’t sell but they’d lose too if it went to foreclosure). Do you know what they do? Loan is too large to qualify for modification and my credit too bad to qualify for a refi.
My neighbor said the 2nd would go to collections and not foreclosure. I don’t know where to find reliable info from. Where should I check? Lawyers are advising me to file BK so they can make money but nobody is giving me a straight answer on what exactly can and will happen.
like for sure dude – I think you are wrong because banks sell to a buyers who can either pay all in cash or pick any of the hundreds of lender out there, not necessarily them.They wouldn’t be receiving interest on it unless the buyer went through their lender which is rare.
My credit is too low to qualify for refinancing as is my income plus it’s almost impossible to qualify for a refi when you have 2 late payments even with perfect credit which mine is not. For example I used to live in a condo and the homeowners association rules said they could foreclose if you are late with your HOA payments but in the real world that is never done. I haven’t heard of a foreclosure when the 2nd is late either but it seems nobody knows where to get the info from, banks lie, they’d tell me they wouldn’t foreclose if they were just to blindside me so I want to know what happens in the real world. Lawyers just give answers that would benefit them (file BK). ugh, where can i get info?

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