How late can a “loan-to-own” 5 year interest only mortgage payment be before going into forecloser?

Same agents and brokers sold my home & with proceeds convinced me of buying four home assuring me it would be a great investment properties would pay off themselves  if i leased them .i question my qualifying for the loan, assured me i would & make the payments if not less equal to the mortgage& rent amount,i invested 175,000 trusting them gave what they asked me for information for loan approval, returned informing it would look better if i had co signers knowing full well they would not be contributing to the mortgage payment,they forged my signature, balance on my bank statement   made up false check stub stated i made a lot more,then at closing the numbers were not acceptable i wouldn’t sign, they change the numbers to acceptable, i signed then when my payment book came it was back to the unacceptable amount, they promised to give me help of 2000 dollars a month because they felt so bad and did for 2 mos. now in foreclosure and insurance says i committed mortgage fraud! what can i do?

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