How is a real estate short sale normally reported to the credit bureaus.?

I short sold a home in 2006. The short sale was reported to all three credit bureaus as being ” Settled for less than the full balance, paid as agreed”. However on my Equifax and Experian credit report the account shows “settled for less than the full balance, paid as agreed and lastly Foreclosure” However the final status for the accounts show closed and not RF as would be posted after a foreclosure. I do not have any public records or judgments on my credit. I am wondering now if it is accurate that a completed short sale would reflect as a foreclosure. I had this mortgage with Ameriquest Mortgage and have not been able to get any answers about this since it was two years ago. I done as they have asked and have submitted to them in writing my dispute. Has anyone ever done a short sale. Can you tell me how it appeared on your credit report please.

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