how in depth does the mortgage company get with verification?

i applied for a fha mortgage and the mortgage company is not counting my student loans in my dti because they are on forbearance. technically, they are supposed to be on forbearance for a year, but mine will not be in 5 months. they used my forbearance letter that didn’t say when i had to start repaying and they never asked me when the forbearance was up.

does the underwriter or someone else actually call the student loan company to verify, or do they just work off the paperwork given to them?

I am trying to buy a house and expect to close in 45 days. My money is tight due to down payment, closing costs, moving costs, etc. I am thinking of getting a forbearance on my student loan so I save some money but I don’t want to do it if it will lessen my credit score and jeopardize my mortgage approval.

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