How important is your relationship with money?

Since my divorce 2 years ago, I’m all responsibiltiies my house mortgage, car, etc. My children and myself. I do not think this guy is my responsibility to take care of their children, but if he spends 3-4 days a week at home than his own, how do you handle the monthly cost of a house? He decides to live a very frugal life, which is great because it’s his choice. He did not have much money until he gets a job four months ago, so now it is what I do. I am 34 and have 5 children, she is 37 and has üks.Kuid it is not practical for us to visit with children in her home, because there is not much furniture, cable, internet , etc., or do a lot of them at all. So I can see why he wants to stay home so much, but I think it is very unfair if, after all our discussions, I have a little money, he offers me a “loan”. If someone lives with you at half time, how often you should remember that clear? I start to have different feelings …

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