How fast does Warped Tour pre-sale usually sell out? Help please (:?

I asked this song & got no answers, so yea.

Okay, I’ve never been to Warped before and this summer is gonna be my first time going. Pre-sale starts Friday, March 26, at ”10am your local time” which means I’ll be in school at that time & noone will be home to order the tickets for me. Tiffany, someone who works for Warped said that last year, the Boston date sold out in a few hours & I’m worried that’ll happen to my date(Toronto,July 9,2010) & I won’t be able to get the pre-sale. I’d be hoping to order the tickets that Friday night, but the issue is obviously that I have a fear the tix will sell out durring the day.
(-Normal tickets go on sale once pre-sale sells out)

BTW please don’t say just get the normal tickets, because the pre-sale has wayyyyyy more benefits + is cheaper.
So, how fast does pre-sale usually sell out, from your experience?

Thanks to whoever answers <3.

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