How does one deal with a debt that you have not had a bill for in over three years?

Three and a half years ago I had a stay in a local hospital. I received bills over the next two months, and paid every one of them. After about 6 months I stopped receiving bills, and when I inquired as to why, I was told that the section of the hospital I had stayed in had closed down and they didn’t know anything about the bills. Since it was closed down there was no number available to call regarding the debt. I never received another bill from them.

This morning when I ran my annual free credit report a debt for $ 1,174 came up as being owed to that hospital for my original stay but it said there was nothing past due. It is assigned to some credit company in Cali, but they have NEVER contacted me. I have not moved since I stayed in the hospital, my phone number has not changed.

My family, have all used this hospital a few times since this initial stay, and have always paid the bills we received. So I am more than surprised to see this on my report.

What should I do?

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