How does “credit repair” work ?

Ive seen the ads for years and assumed that they were just semi-scams that repeatedly request for things to be removed over & over until someone forgets to verify it and then they get removed.

Well, I had a tax lien for past due taxes filed withOUT notifying me like they are supposed to.

It hurt my score by about 88 points because of the tax lien.

The lien has now been released as I have got up to date on my taxes and they are sending a refund.

Should I just repeatedly tell them its false to hopefully get them to remove it ?

Those firms apparently guarantee results.

Im not going to pay anyone because in all likely hood, I will never borrow again in my life. (Other than credit card bills that are paid in full every month)

But, I used to take pride in my 769 score. Now its 681 and its just average and I hate it.

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