How do you tell your friend that she’s making a big mistake again?

I love her, I do, but my longest-known friend is dating another guy that may take advantage of her beautiful, loyal, faithful kindness. I have witnessed the last 4 relationships and they seem to be getting worse. She has met the one next from the one prior and the circumstances around the next one just seem to be defeating her. She’s a college grad, great career, bought first car and house, has a dog, a great life. She desperately wants to share it with someone but all of these icky guys are getting to her. She doesn’t think that she’s worth their effort to improve. I want to shake her!!!!!! She’s beautiful and smart and funny and talented and outgoing and had let herself be morphed into this person that tries to “save” someone. She isn’t just their significant, she’s their caretaker. She tries to help get them on a path of encouragement and fortuitiveness and then lets them use her as she’s trying to define love through this unhealthy path. If I wasn’t a married woman…

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