How do you stop companies from running your credit report and an inquiry?

I have some past due bills that date back 4yrs ago. ( I know I should have been more responsible) But I’m older now and matured and I am trying to repair my credit but these credit inquiries are not helping at all. It seems like everytime this company runs my credit my score decreases by 2 points. How do I stop that? Right now I can’t pay them because I’m still not able to financially. I don’t make enough. But I want to though I’m still recovering from the past hardship I experienced. So if anyone can help please let me know. Much Thanks!!
The account is closed but with normal procedures it went to a collection agency and from there I’m not sure where it’s at now or the status. It’s been 4yrs since I paid on it. It may have been charged off by now. I noticed my score decreased by 2 points when this company ran my credit.

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