How do you solve a delinquent credit card accounts and old medical bills?

To help someone w / a financial crisis due to Behinderung.Allgemeine information card had a balance of 3000. Company double payments due to a change in their conditions, in which the borrower was not at fault. Borrowers can not afford the higher payments position. Late fee of $ 100 has the largest min. through each month. No payment on the card for 9-10 months. I think there was only the collection and the amount is closer to 6000 with all the medical bills Gebühren.Zahlreiche of 2-4 years, usually with collections or at least the collection department. etc.If hospitals, this person has been taken, 5K, what are their options? NOT worried about credit quality because it is ruined for a long time anyway. Do you avoid being sued and garnished wages as they are just enough for the needs of mortgage and basics like food, electricity and gas. Hope that disability is approved, but no guarantees. Husband’s income, the woman is disabled. The card is for women only and medical expenses are they to him are not intended to cover the balance after insurance and special medical needs, the insurance company. Not sure the name makes a difference, whether on or not. Just missing a little peace and paycheck know, while you all to stop this debt collections and best they can and move forward. Women will never be able to return to work and works his movements husband literally 80 hours a week plus 2 hours per day of gas to about $ 400 per month, which does not refuse hilft.Will fees credit card business late, etc. say and accept 3K Original or less, how can you ask? In writing? Call the card company or collection agency? Any help is welcome. I care and they fight and had a big financial picture before Krankheit.Nicht companies in settlement of debts or loans interessiert.Vielen Thanks!

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