How do you refinance an upside down mortgage for a manufactured home?

My husband and I bought a manufactured home back in 2001. Unfortunately, we were very inexperienced and did not understand that having money down at closing was so important. At the time, we also had bad credit, but the dealer was determined to sign us. We ended up buying down 7 points and rolling it into the cost of the loan along with the other closing costs in order to lower our interest rate into something we could afford. It was lowered from 12.5% to 10.75%. We have always made timely payments for the last 6 years, but would like to refinance to get the incredibly high interest rate down. Our current lender says that 10.75% is their lowest rate, and our credit union won’t finance due to the negative equity. The house is appraised at $ 81,000 and we still owe $ 92,000 on the loan. I’ve heard that there are loans available for 125% of a home’s value, but not if it’s manufactured. Does anyone know of any alternatives or have any useful suggestions to help us?
Also, just to clarify, the house is attached to a permanent foundation on a piece of land that my husband and I own.

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