How do you go about buying a new home when you currently own a home?

My husband (25) and myself (27) had bought our first home (a nice townhouse) about three years ago. The townhouses in my area are already selling for about $ 30,000 more than what we had bought ours for. We just found this really nice ranch home we love, right across the street from my hubby’s grandmother’s home and my hubby actually knows the man who is selling it pretty well. Anyway, we’re really interested in going ahead and purchasing this home. What are the steps to go about getting a new home. I remember how stressful it was to buy our first home – and that was half as bad, because we were just in an apartment before. So I’m really anxious and have no idea where to begin. Any advice? Thanks!
By the way, our townhouse is not yet on the market.
I’m scared of going ahead and planning on buying another home and then having my home end up not selling, etc.

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