How do you cope.?

Our family had a difficult year financially. we could not get a loan because of our bad credit. we fell behind our mortgage when my husband was laid off. We tried all outlets for help. We landed on a payday loan store. was cleared for a few weeks but then we had to take another loan to help pay for the first loan. anyway, was the first loan was $ 600.00 to 791.00% and the second for $ 2,000.00 at a rate of 290.00% from my weekly payment $ 210.00. with a total of only $ 22.00 principal.the loan would be 1 year. my question is a friend of my situation and is determined, it will help me pay my bills 5200.00 with all current and pay loans.all they ask is reciepts and a plan reimbursement of $ 220.00 per month for 2 years at 0% interest.should I do and do not risk their friendship if something goes wrong or if I am and how I thank you, it was sent from above Her . i. Thank you.

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