How do you cancel a subscription to something/magazines, if they have you recorded/promised to pay?

I thought I was getting a trial version, but they in fact got me to say that after the trial im going to pay regardless for like some 20 months for like $ 80 a month type of magazine subscription. Which to me is a bit outrageous. SO months pass, and I never get the magazines, and they call me back saying they had a problem with them, so they’d like to tell me about it and i said, NO WAY, that whole thing to me felt like I was scammed, and I want out, and they said that I couldn’t because they have me recorded and have my credit card informatino etc on file.

I said that was outrageous on their part, but they said if we get you under a new plan/contract, then it will hbe easier to cancel, so they got me on a 35.00 ish a month thing, so its cheaper, and the guy said perhaps this is better for you trying to still get me to pay for it.

I went ahead and got the new stuff, and was under the assumption that im getting all the paperwork and magazines within a week, and then i can review it all adn CANCEL the darn thing finally.

I call back and they said, oh it will take 120 days for the mags to come out, after 3-4 installments already.

I said NO enough, This to me feels like a money making thing for that company, and they don’t care, they’re just scr9wing me out of my money.

What should I DO?

I basically told them, I may not know exactly how to get out of this, but you’re not talking so perhaps my lawyer will know what to do. I’m sure he will, because right now I don’t like you , or your company, and I refuse to pay. I’ll put a stop payment and report you as fradulent activity on my credit cards.

The lady then got a bit more hospitable, told me to call her back tomorrow after the account gets updated, and shell see what she can do.

Did I do the right thing?

What should I do if they still refuse to cancel this?
There’s a way to cancel ANYTHING that you don’t want. They have no right to trap you or bind you to anything, especially a company that sells magazines for crying out loud.

It’s NOT that important.

They just want their money and for whatever reason devised clever ways to trap people into paying.

It’s utterly ridiculous.

I was stupid, I made a mistake by even buying into it without CAREFULLY reading the fine print or listening to the convos ( which go a mile a minute)

and now I’m stuck in this mess.

What should I HONESTLY do?

What would YOU do if you were me right now?

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