How do you buy a mobile home in a mobile home park?

My husband and i are very interested in buying a trailer in a mobile home park. We have never been home owners but have rented a apartment. I am 23 and make no income, my husband is a truck driver and makes a good living. We do have low credit scores in the 550’s, due to credit cards. We do also have a truck payment and his student loans. We are currently living with his parents and it is horrible. The trailer we are looking at is in a great trailer park and is around $ 26,999.00. The park does offer financing even for people with bad credit or who have ever had a foreclosure. MY question is how does this process work? We need to finance it obviously. Does the loan get worked into the lot rent or is that a completely different bill? Do we need to have home owners insurance or some type of insurance? Also we have 2 dogs that the park will allow. We also live in Newport, Michigan not sure if that would make a difference. I know that we will probably have a high interest rate cause we have such a bad credit score. I just need to know how all this works. Negative comments are not appreciated. Link to the trailer and the park website——->

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