How do you build up a credit history with your spouse (non- US citizen)?

Me and my husband have just got married. I ( am of Italian nationality and arrived to US 16 months ago with a J-1 VISA (with tax exemption for 24 months), whereas my husband is American. As I have not been here for long, I don’t seem to have a credit history and every time I try to apply for a credit card or for a line of credit, I am denied on the basis of not having a history. My husband’s credit score wasn’t really good, but it has been steadily improving for the past 24 months. Our question is: how do we develop a credit history together? We would like to try to buy a house together next year and would need to qualify for a mortgage loan.

Thanks for your help

I do have a VISA pre-paid card with him since March 2008, I guess it is not for long enough time…

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