How do I refinance my auto loan?

Shouldn’t a credit score of 626 and a DTI ratio of .19 recieve a better interest rate for an auto loan of 14,700 for 60 months than 11.9%? I’ve had my credit pulled so many times trying to get this car im afraid of where its at now. I wan’t to refi this car. I got my first car with NO credit at 14% a year ago. What do you think? Any finance people out there? My gf’s dad is in a mortgage firm but he’s very biased and I don’t like asking him a lot of things about this. He says i should have gotten a used car. But that’s beside the point. What steps can i take to refi my loan and what rate do you think I can be at? Thank everyone beforehand
It’s a brand new 07 Hyundai Accent. I’ll look into a credit union and some nearby banks. Thanks. I’ll wait for some more answers before choosing the lucky best answer-er!! 🙂
I haven’t even made my first payment yet. It begins the 15th of july. So I don’t care at all about “starting over” on the terms. danks everyone
And i got my first car for God knows why, but it was at 400/mo for 72 months. and it was a 2005 durango which had me spending $ 125+ a week in gas. I had to get myself out of that nonsense. I love this car.

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