How do I know if I have a Non-Recourse Loan?

I live in California and need to have a condo in Phoenix, AZ foreclosed on. It has gone down 100k and I can’t afford it anymore.

Both California and Arizona have anti deficiency laws protecting me. I have talked to two lawyers (one in CA and one in AZ). They both say if my loan is a “non-recourse loan” I am protected.

How do I find out if it is? I have been going through my loan documents, but there is so much information there. I also called CHASE (my lendor), but the woman had NO CLUE what non-recourse meant.
I don’t want to call chase again because someone will probably know I want to foreclose.

I have not refinanced on this loan at all. (I did on my CA house during the 30 years I’ve lived here).

But before stopping payment on the mortgage for the Arizona COndo, I want to be 100% sure my loan is a non-recourse.

I just want to make sure I am getting the right information. I have NOT refinanced on the mortgage for the PHOENIX, AZ condo that will be foreclosed on…

I HAVE refinanced on my house in California (that I live in) since moving in 30 years ago.

Are these loans kept separate? I just want to make sure that refinancing (before buying the AZ condo) on my own house won’t affect how the loan for AZ was taken out.

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