How do I include the loan of 8000 € from 2009 revenue of a loan?

Because I subcontracting, my income is not used to buy us a house. We make 31k per year, but only 29k counted. We have a car loan, which is 7000, and less when we buy the house of his. Is there anyway to prove that the 8000 € was then put on our 2009 revenues to cover the car? Our monthly DTI would be about 54% of the mortgage and car, but without the loan (we pay the credit card), this would amount to only about 25%. How can we show that a loan officer to use it as income? We have already tried a FHA loan but said we had 1500 more per month (OK. .. I do not know how much you owe, what we have, we just want a house 95 000) Is there a gap?

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