How Do I go about getting a loan to buy a home?

Hey there guys I’m interested in information about what id have to do to buy a house. btw I’m only 20 years old and have never owned anything. Say I find something I’m interested in purchasing how do I go about getting it? I have my own business so I do have money but my credit is very young. I have a 632 credit score is that high enough? also how would I get preapproved for a property before I go out looking? also I see that there are lots of lenders online are any of them a good idea for me to try out? Is home owners insurance expensive? what are closing cost when buying a home? If I find a home that’s a fixer upper for under $ 39,000 will I still be able to get financing or will I have to pay cash? Do I get my deed before I finish paying off the home? What all does homes owners insurance cover?

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