How do I get supplement checks from the insurance company to cover my hurricane damage?

We had damage from hurricane Ike. We had an adjuster come out and we need a whole new roof, new carpet, we are arguing over the tile (it is ceramic and came unglued from the floor and they do not want to pay us for it), we need ceiling repair and a new fence. We received a payment from Texas Windstorm which is not enough to make all the repairs. We have been arguing with the adjuster and his supervisor on trying to get all the money we need to complete repairs. I have been told we will receive supplements but how do we go about this? I faxed bids to repair my home to the adjuster and he had yet to say whether or not he will give us more money. Yet we were informed by our insurance company we have 120 days to get the work complete. It has been over 30 days already. I do not want to hire someone to work and then not be able to pay them. ANY advice would be much appreciated.

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