How do I get my mortgage company to forgive a portion of my loan and lower my interest rate?

My mortgage broker at the time convinced me not to use my VA loan or FHA!!! The property is located in Detroit, MI. I purchased home in 2001 for $ 120K and it appraised for $ 145K…Today it appraises for $ 60K!!! Been trying to sell for 1-yr, along with nine of my neighbors..asking price $ 75k….I lost my job with automotive industry and have since relocated for new job in D.C. where cost of living is 4X that of Detroit!! I cannot purchase home in new area due to income tied up in property. Keeping property is costing me 2700 a month!! I want to just tell mortgage company to take it. It’s my only bill and it’s consumes 1/2 monthly salary. HELP!!!

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