How do I get my money if I terminate the escrow agreement?

We try to get our money trust account to miss because the mortgage broker to guide us on our payment. We told him when we started the loan payments that we needed to make $ 1200 per month, he said, the best thing he could do was $ 1250 Two weeks after closing, we find that payments go to $ 1,380, which we do not have a budget for his. Realitor we said that we go out, because the change of the payment and they tell us we are wasting our money and trust account to pay a number of others. How can we get out of this without a lot of money. We tried to use our own bank and get a loan with VA / 0 down and no PMI. Realitor said the House would not go to VA and refused to change the VA documents. Then she sat down at their banks, which could give me one w / 0 down loan. Well, the bank went bankrupt before we can conclude (we never signed the papers with new). We went through four extensions to the contract, and we’re just sick of this bank and realitor.Als we could go home, we change the house buying a house should sighned, but since they dropped the ball We have not closed at the time of the change in taxes there. Therefore increase our payments, but it’s not my point. We left because we are not budgeted for the increase. We have nothing, but had problems with this realitor since day one. Eg When we got home we told them we wanted to bid $ 150, and realitor said he was already an offer of $ 150, just discovered they had no other then to protect us check the house one day and found a hole in the ceiling, we asked the realitor about it and she said that the hole was there alll together. (We knew he was not.) She said she had pictures, but would not show us. A few days later we returned and the hole has disappeared. We feel deceived and threatened injustice. Our buyer’s agent will continue with the sellers agent and tell him, kept our bank Informationen.Die it is not locked in the rate, because it is, prices would drop. They went instead. We ask him repeatedly to lock it and he said he was waiting for a better rate. The Bank, we have a contract with sighned not cut, then we should not have to sign a new contract or has been transferred. So why do not we recommend realitor traditional bank loan rather than ours we try on this bank. If it is early this benifiets sapposed Bank is not to say. Well, if I can get a loan from the bank regection due to my lack of employment is my money? What’s different rights, they can nail me with? (If you have a backup offer on the house.) Can you pay their commission if the offer of another property?

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