How do I get my heart with his wife, he moved with his wife after 25 years. marriage?

I wrote before my husband slept with the woman next opportunity, when he helped her with odd jobs (lol) and listening to their problems. We celebrate our 25th anniversary, a cruise, the direction of our mind tries to Veer. We are now in travel, spend time with a regular income. The children are grown, we have a nice house, and everything seemed to be in place. Three days after our return, we had a few (minor tiff), I asked him not to mow your lawn anyway. I’m sorry, he disappeared for two days. Without explanation, he moved in with him. They are so addicted and abusive Meds.Millised prescription is paid by my VA benefits, which can not be reduced until we’re divorced. 3500.00 menetlust.Aga fl. early is the worst thing he is studying the shack next to a house I own (in reverse mortgage (27 years here), he continues to assert, I really really love you, but I do love you, yes I’m stupid but a strong woman with great family support and church. Why does my heart still hurt him? It is almost 5 weeks.

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