How do I get government assistance for my flooded house?

I live in Pennsylvania in a beautiful small “cottage” like house backing up to a creek in the middle of the Susburbs. The only problem is that it floods. In October my house flooded and had $ 37,000 worth of damage. Luckily I have flood insurance. The insurance company payed for most of the repairs but I have a $ 10,000 deductible. I had to take out a loan, which I am still paying off today.
When hurricane Irene hit I was devastated. I will have to pay another $ 10,000. When I looked up help from FEMA, i quickly found out that I didn’t qualify because the President didn’t declare PA an emergency area. I am elderly and retired so I don’t have a lot of income,only what I had saved up though the years. Please tell me what I can do!
* Originally, there were 6 houses next to me but the government bought them after hurricane Floyd. now there are 4 houses left in the neighborhood that flood, so maybe the government will buy my house?

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