how do i get cash back on a mortgage loan?

im in the process of purchasing a house with no money down and i need to know if it is possible to get cash back when the house in bank owned.

My husband and I have always had perfect credit until a business failure 2 years ago. We had to file for bankruptcy (it was discharged 1 year ago). Does anyone have names of reputable lenders willing to do a small loan — maybe $ 2,500? We have been almost a month behind on our mortgage for a year now and I can’t seem to catch up. Also, part of the $ $ would be for a down payment on a car. We would try to refinance or get a home equity loan but due to the fact that it is a manufactured home (on 5 acres) lenders seem to turn up their noses on us — especially since our credit ratings have suffered due to the BK, etc. Any suggestions?? Thanks – linbad

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