How do I get a home mortgage QUICKLY?

We have found the perfect home (brick ranch 3 bed, 2 bath) It is in the perfect location as well. Asking price in only $ 32,400 – It is a foreclosure home, and it will be going up for auction in 15 days, unless we can buy it before then.

So here is the deal. My husband has really bad credit. Reason, his ex-wife got their former marital home in 1999. She was told to get the mortgage out of his name, and to make all the payments on time so not to hurt his credit, but didn’t. In 2005 she was finally ordered to sell the house, using a real estate agent, signs, newspaper adverts etc. AND to make the mortgage payments on time so as to not effect his credit negatively. She didn’t do any of that. She rented the place out from day one, pocketed most of the money and only sent in a mortgage payment when threatened. This already effected his credit. Then in 2007 she just up and decided she didn’t want anything else to do with the home and had it foreclosed on.

Due to ongoing court battles, over his ex-wife’s refusal to comply to any court orders (ie custody etc.) my husband took out a band aid loan (mortgage) in 2003 (to pay attorney’s fees), which was on a fixed rate for the first 4 years, after which we planned to refinance in to another fixed mortgage. However, since his former marital home was in his name, and she had it foreclosed on, she had ruined his credit. As a main bread winner, as my income was not enough to qualify for a mortgage, and his credit was ruined, and no one would even consider giving us credit. Our house payment went from $ 400 – $ 850 overnight. The loan was compliments of “Ameriquest” sold to “Coutrywide” A few months later we lost our home.

When we lost out home we could not find another in the same area we had lived in. We were thus forced to move a great distance, and had to find new work. As a cascade effect of all of this, which started with his ex wife, we had to file bankruptcy in 2008, and we didn’t even have enough money left to finish that up.

Bottom line is this. We want nothing more then to have our own little house and make affordable house payments for about 15 years. However, due to our bad credit rating no one wants to help. We can prove all I have just said. Due to lack of funds we can’t hire an attorney to take his ex. back to court. Even if we did, it would be like beating a dead horse…. her new husband would hire a lawyer to draw this out and file excuses etc. etc…. we wouldn’t see much money, if any.

So, having explained all of this, I want to add that my husband has a great work history and has been at his current job for 3 years now. We have lived in our current rental (mobile) home for over 2 years now, and can provide excellent references as far being good tenants. Question is, who would give us a mortgage for that small amount. Bonus here is that the house is actually worth $ 75,000 given the area and all. This is such an incredible opportunity that we just don’t want to loose this chance to own our own house again.

Where could we turn to get this small mortgage for this home? We have a small down payment of $ 2000 to boot. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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