How do I fix my bad credit? Thanks to countrywide.?

In January 08, I called Countrywide to see how they can lower my interest rate from 7.25 to anything better. They told me they couldn’t do that but to do a Loan Modification instead. I trusted them enough to and did it. They sent my loan docs to me. But only reflected 2 months not the 3 months they promised. I was told not to make any payments as well. I couldn’t notarize them because they put my maiden name on the docs, not my married name. Duringr this entire time, 5 months passed and I was constantly promised they were in the process of sending me new docs. Never received them. I finally got a call back and was told I had to send in $ 100.00 for the name change. They are re-activating my modification but won’t fix my credit. Now my house is in forclosure and my credit in the toilet. How do I fix my credit with these lying dirt bags?

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