How do I file a complaint with the headquarters of Quicken Loans Mortgage Co.? I need an address Please.?

I recently re-financed my home to get a lower interest rate. The process was a literal nightmare. I was determined to get a lower rate so I went along with their promises of fulfilling our agreements. My initial request was to apply for a VA loan, being that I’m a disabled veteran. I didn’t qualify for some reason. I was steered into applying for a FHA loan instead, and they continued to explain that the figures would be the same. They were in fact not the same. They came back at me numerous times needing more and more information, the process took a few days over two months. I began to get skeptical so about three or four days before the scheduled closing date, I called and spoke with a Mr. C. S. and we discussed my requests that he had agreed to initially and all through the process. I have the entire conversation recorded. I allowed a month or so for them to respond, as of today no mention of this has been received from Mr. C. S.

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